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Matt Newman created the Genesis III series because he wanted to create the lightest and best balanced rod
on the market at a price that anglers can afford. The Genesis III delivers all this with the highest quality
upgrades and the same great value!

New Down Loop Style Hook Keep

WXW Wrap

Fuji Alconite "BCLGAT" Tip guides

Genesis III comes in all of the same great models for every technique and applications From the medium
action 69 weighing an unbeatable 3.2 ounces all the way to our 7’11” punch rod weighing a mere 5.8
ounces, putting an IROD in your hand you’ll feel the difference right away! And because IROD gives you the
best balance and feel, our rods have all day fishability (yes, we said fishability) whether you’re a hardcore
derby/tourney angler or just want a rod that delivers utmost sensitivity, balance and control.

The iRod Genesis III Series Rods are high quality bass fishing rods that feature premium components and
styling, yet retains an affordable price tag. iRod’s Genesis III Series of casting rods offers anglers a full line of
14 technique specific bass fishing rods that encompasses the entire spectrum of bass fishing applications;
from worm fishing to chucking the big swimbaits. With design influence from several of the top professional
anglers, the iRod Genesis III Rods are designed to meet the needs of bass fishermen from the novice to
expert level. We offer the complete line of Genesis III Series Casting and Spinning Rods. The Genesis III
Casting Rods from iRod are the second generation of iRod’s lineup of bass fishing rods. The initial success
of the Genesis Series inspired iRod to seek out ways to improve their next generation. The result of their
introspective analysis resulted in iRod designing the Genesis III rods to be lighter, yet still retain their precise
actions and strength. The Genesis III Casting & Spinning Rods fall under their warranty –
iRod Warranty
. For detailed information on each of the Genesis III Casting Rods please refer to the rod specs
sheet below.

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Genesis III Series - Casting

Model# Length Description/Med-Hvy Line Wt Lure Wt Action
IRG693C 6'9" Harold's Lone Star Special/Med-Hvy 6-12 3/16-1/2 Fast
IRG693CC 6'9" Stone Cold Squarebill/Med-Hvy 8-15 3/16-1/2 Fast
IRG6102C 6'10" Jerk Bait 6-12 1/8-3/8 Mod
IRG703C 7' Medium Heavy 8-14 3/16 - 3/8 Fast
IRG703CC 7' Gabes Rip Rap special/Med-Hvy 8-16 1/4-3/4 Fast
IRG714C 7'1" Heavy 10-18 1/4-3/4 X Fast
IRG704C 7' Heavy 10-20 1/4-1 1/4 Fast
IRG7104AB 7'10" Bama Rig Special/Heavy 50-70 braid 1-4oz Fast/Mod
IRG7113CC 7'11" Crank Launcher/Med-Hvy 8-20 3/8-1 1/2 Mod
IRG7114P 7'11" Bubs Puch rod/Heavy 50-70 braid 1/2-2oz Fast/Mod
IRG723C 7'2" Stone Cold Swim-Vibe Jig/Med-Hvy 12-20 3/8-1oz Fast/Mod
IRG733C 7'3" Harold's Lone Star Special Med-Hvy 6-12 3/16-1/2 Fast
IRG734C 7'3" Stone Cold Spook & Trap/Med-Hvy 14-25 3/8-1 1/2 Fast
IRG742C 7'4" Britt's Finesse Cast 6-12 1/8-3/8 Fast
IRG744C 7'4" Medium Heavy 10-18 1/4-3/4 Fast
IRG753C 7'5" Snyders' Sniper 10-18 1/4-3/4 Mod
IRG754F 7'5" Magic Stick/Heavy 50-70 braid 1/2-2oz Fast
IRG763CC 7'6" Crank Launch Jr. Med-Hvy 8-17 3/8-3/4 Mod
IRG764C 7'6" Light Flip-Junk Rod/Heavy 12-20 1/4-1oz Mod
IRG775C 7'7" X Heavy/Flippin Stick 15-25 1/2-2oz Fast
IRG783SB 7'8 Jr. Swim/Med-Hvy 12-25 1-4oz Fast/Mod
IRG794SB 7'9" Large Swim/Hvy 15-25 3-6oz Mod
IRG795SB 7'9" Jumbo Swim/X-Heavy 20-60 8-12oz Mod
IRG804SB 8'0" Bailey's Swim 20-60 3-10oz Mod
IRG805SB 8'0" XL Swim/X-Heavy 20-60 3-10oz Mod
IRG865SB 8'6" Bailey's Mag Swim Mod

IRG693C - Lone Star Special

Designed by Harold “The Legend” Allen. Harold was looking for a rod he could use for almost everything and that he has.
This rod is great for shaking worms, fishing topwater, spinnerbaits and even jigs. If your looking for a all around rod in a
shorter package, this is it.

IRG693CC - Stone Cold Crank

Very similar to the Rip Rap Special but a bit shorter for fishing near and around overhanging trees and cover. Another
glass/graphite composite blank with a glass tip to help with casting and hooking nipping and slashing fish but also has the
graphite backbone to control the meanest of fish.

IRG6102C - Jerk Bait

Great all around jerk bait rod. Its Medium-moderate action will cast the small to 110 size baits a mile with keep em pinned
on even with tiny treble hooks.


A staple of every quiver this rod is perfect for all light to Medium fishing. It is a perfect rod for: worms, jerkbaits, poppers,
senkos and flukes and traps.

IRG703CC - Gabe's Rip Rap Special

Designed by Gabe for small to medium crankbaits and most reaction baits. Its composite of glass and graphite give it the
perfect soft tip to allow for casting and hooking reaction fish, but has plenty of backbone to turn the biggest of fish.


A good all-around heavy action rod for jigs, heavier worms and medium topwater baits.


A slightly faster version of the 704 for docks and overhanging cover. Great rod for jigs and light pitching' too.

IRG723C - Stone Cold Swim and Vibrating Jig

Designed by Marty Stone for Swim and Vibrating Jigs but also a great rod for most other reaction baits. The
tip is not only perfect for hooking reaction fish but also aids in effortless roll casting.

IRG733C - Lone Star Special

A longer version of the Lone Star Special giving it a little more tip. Great rod for bigger square bills, senkos,
small to medium topwater etc.

IRG734C - Stone Cold Spook and Trap

Designed by Marty Stone for the popular walk the dog type topwater baits and rattletraps. Also a great rod for
spinnerbaits etc.

IRG742C - Britt's Finesse Cast

Due to the growing popularity of using small swimsuits on light line, we converted the spinning version into a
casting version with a little more backbone for winding on hooksets.


One of our more versatile rods in the line up. It's perfect for topwater, spinnerbaits, jigs, c-rigs, pitchin' and
big worms.

IRG753C - Snyders'Smiper

Designed by Kayak Pro Rus Snyders for making long casts and covering water with rattletraps, spinnerbaits,
chatter baits, etc

IRG754F - Magic Stick

Originally designed as a frog rod but it became so much more. Similar to the IRG744C but with a bit more beef.
It's a great rod for frogs, toads, flipping, big worms, jigs and bigger topwater baits.

IRG764C - Junk Rod

Very Popular reaction bait rod in a Heavy. With it's moderate action it easily casts spinnerbaits, chatter baits and topwater
a mile with enough backbone to pull them out of any grass or cover.

IRG7633C - Crank Launcher Jr.

The little brother of the Crank Launcher, third was designed for mid-size crank baits and is also a fantastic rod for other
reaction baits. It has a MH tip that transitions into a nice parabolic bend with tons of backbone power. It will send your
baits out a mile and keep the fish on all the way in.

IRG775C - Flippin' Stick

A true Flippin' stick made to comfortably pick apart heavy cover, with a soft enough tip to make accurate casts, and enough
backbone to get them out.

IRG7113C - Crank Launcher

Designed for deep diving cranks but will work with mid-divers and larger shallow divers. Not your usual crank rod, this
rod is all graphite and is not whiny and soft like others. It's tip is strong enough to drive in a hook set, yet forgiving
enough to play the fish without ripping out the hooks. It will also cast any crank bait a country mile, which is needed
to get the big cranks down deep.