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IROD AIR SERIES - Casting Rods

The iRod Air Series Casting Rods are the lightest rods iRod has ever created. Featuring an advanced blank construction called WXW (Wide X-Wrapping), the 40-ton graphite blanks feature a structural wrapping system arrayed in cross strips of high modulus carbon cloth band. This greatly reinforces the blanks and makes them more than two-times stronger than normal carbon blanks, and much more responsive as well. Also equipped with premium Fuji Semi-Micro Guides with Alconite inserts for reduced weight and increased casting distance, Fuji reel seats balance out each rod, and combined with EVA grips deliver all-day comfort. Extra lightweight and super powerful, the iRod Air Series Casting Rods deliver tournament-caliber performance with actions, lengths and tapers designed by bass fishing’s top professionals.

Fuji Reel Seats & EVA Grips Premium Fuji Semi-Micro Guides Alconite Inserts

iRod Air Series - Casting Rods
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A great rod for the angler who likes to finesse fish with a casting rod. It has a fast to moderate action and is perfect for dropshotting, senkos and jerkbaits. The overall weight of this rod is 3oz

Length:6 9

Lure weight:1/8-3/8

Line weight:6-10


Action: Moderate


Another great rod for a lot of applications. Similar to the IRA692 but has a bit more tip and faster action. Great rod for dropshotting, Texas rigs, topwaters, senkos ect..

Length:6 9

Lure weight:3/16-1/2

Line weight:6-12

Power: Medium Heavy


A slightly longer version of the IRA692C which helps with casting distance and control. Best used for dropshotting, senkos, light texas rigs ect..


Lure weight:1/8-3/8

Line weight:6-12




A very popular model in a very light weight package. It has one of the smoothest transitions from the tip to back bone and makes setting a hook even more fun than normal. Great rod for everything. T-rigs, flukes, jigs, topwater and even traps in the grass.


Lure weight:3/16-3/8

Line weight:8-14




Don’t let its light weight fool you. This rod is a power house. A perfect rod for for 1/2-1oz jigs, pitchin or any other heavy application.


Lure weight:1/4-1 1/4

Line weight:10-20

Power: Heavy



Influenced by the Genesis II Magic stick this high end, super light weight rod. Its a bit faster than its Genesis counter part and slightly longer handle for leverage. This rod can do it all. Great for pitchin, c-rigs, jigs, topwater, large chatterbaits and so much more.

Length:7 5

Lure weight:3/8-1 1/2

Line weight:15-25

Power: Heavy

Action :Fast


California Pro Bub Tosh wanted a light, ultra balanced flippin rod to match up with his punch stick. Its fast action, followed up with a huge backbone and smooth transition nailed all the points he was looking for. This rod will pull them out of any cover.

Length:7 ’7″

Lure weight:1/2-2.0oz

Line weight:15-25lb

Power:Extra Heavy


The only way we could improve the popular Genesis Punch rod was to make it in the Air Series. Designed to Punch baits as light as 1/4oz and all the way up to 2oz. Constructed with 40 Ton graphite, WXW wrap and Revolving guide system will float in your hand and will greatly reduce wrist fatigue.

Length:7 ’5″

Lure weight:3/8-1 1/20z

Line weight:15-25lb

Power: Heavy

Action: Mod


Designed by Paul Bailey after his popular Bailey Swim in the Genesis series. Weighing only 6.4oz, you will be able to throw hudds to deps 250 all day with out feeling it.


Lure weight: 2-8oz

Line weight:17-30lb


Action: Mod

Mode # Length Power Line Wt. Lure Wt Action
IRA692C 6' 9" Medium 6-10lb 1/8 to 3/8oz Fast/Mod
IRA693C 6' 9" Medium/Heavy 6-12lb 3/16 to1/2oz Fast
IRA702C 7' Medium 6-10lb 1/8 to 3/8oz Fast/Mod
IRA703C 7' Medium/Heavy 8-14lb 3/16 to 3/8oz Fast
IRA704C 7' Medium 10-20lb 1/2 to 1-1/4oz Fast
IRA754C 7' 5" Heavy 15-25lb 3/8 to 1-1/2oz Fast
IRA775C - Bub's Signature Flipping Rod 7' 7" X-Heavy 15-25lb 1/2 to 2oz Fast
IRA7104PRG - Bub's Punch Rod 7' 10" Heavy 17-25lb 1/8 to 3/4oz Mod
IRA710SB - Bailey Swim 7' 10" Heavy 17-30lb 2 to 8oz Mod