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Inshore Rods

Kaimana - "Power of the Ocean" Continuing with the quality and value of the freshwater rods, the new inshore rod line will not disappoint

Whether you are hunting Yellowtail or offshore Tuna, fishing Jigs or live bait, these rods have you covered. Con't let their good looks fool you. At a good overall length of 7'6" they will cast a jig a mile and have the backbone to turn a monster without breaking your back. Kaimana Bait and Jig Rods are carbon reinforced with a custom iRod Semi Trigger reel seat and ringed foregrip for comfort, grip and power. Look for new models in additional lengths coming soon!

  • Premium EVA grips
  • Custom Semi Trigger iRod Reel Seat
  • Custom Ringed Foregrip
  • Fuji "O" Type Guides

  • Kaimana Series - Bait & JigLine WtLure WtAction
    SWK763BR 7'6"MH Jig and Bait Rod20-302-6ozFast/Mod
    SWK764BR7'6'H Jig and Bait Rod30-602-6ozFast/Mod
    SWK823BR8'2"MH Jig and Bait Rod20-302-6ozFast/Mod
    SWK824BR8'2"H Jig and bait Rod25-602-6ozFast

    The perfect all around inshore rod. Built with plenty of backbone to help turn big Calico Bass and Yellowtail. They are strong, lightweight and balanced to keep you fishing all day without feeling it.

  • Premium EVA grips
  • Custom iRod Reel Seat
  • Fuji "O" Type Guides
  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Kaimana Series - CastingLine WtLure Wt. ActionRetail
    SWK8038'M Casting12-253/8-1.5ozMod$205
    SWK8048'MH Casting15-252-6ozMod$205
    SWK804-M8'MH Casting15-252-6ozX-Fast$205
    SWK8058'H Casting20-302-6ozX-Fast$205


    Developed and tested by the West Coasts’s best jig casters, the jig stick’s mod /fast actions keep your jig away from the boat all day without feeling it in your back. They come in two powers, with and without reel seat. Perfect for local calicos to offshore Pelagics

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