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Marty Stone: Marty has been a top contender on both the B.A.S.S & FLW tours for a long time. With that comes years of knowledge and knowing what equipment is needed. Marty knew exactly what rods he wanted to build and came up with the 3 model “Stone Cold Series 6’ 9’ composite -Stone cold Crank”, 7 2- Stone Cold Swim & Vibrating Jig rod” and the 7’ 3” - Stone Cold Spook and Trap

Harold Allen: Known throughout the industry as “The Legend” Harold Allen has several top 10 finishes in the bassmaser classic. Harold is fishing the PAA tour for 2011 and definitely still one to be on the look out for, especially in Texas. Harold was looking for 1 rod that would handle multiple lures. He came up with a feather light 6’9″ rod perfect for texas rigged worms to topwaters and spinnerbaits. He perfectly named it “The Lone Star Special”
Harold Allen
Gabe Bolivar: With several years of FLW Tour travels and many more as a dominant west coast angler Gabe has fine tuned his fishing for all types of fisheries. Gabe’s most dangerous with a reaction bait in his hand and his reaction bait rod designed for the popular “square bill” crankbaits is phenomenal. It’s definitely a rod that will help any angler put more fish in the boat.
Gabe Bolivar
Matt Newman: A member of the Big Bait Posse and a very well known swimbait angler nationally Matt has co-designed some of the best selling swimbaits on the market. Matt has also had a hand in designing swimbait rods previously with Fig Rig. Those rods sold very well and helped many anglers catch their personal best. With iRods Matt has taken those great rods and improved them “ten-fold” including releasing 3 different swimbait rods. There is now a perfect rod for everything from that 4 to 5 inch paddle tail up to a 15 inch giant swimbaits.
Matt Newman

Bub Tosh: Some would call Bub the inventor of punching, but truth is anglers have been punching for decades. Bub is however the angler that has brought it to the mainstream. Bub has designed a full line of baits for punch fishing and now has developed the ultimate rod for “punching” huge bass out of the thickest of crap! When it comes to fishing the thick stuff nobody does it better or teaches it better than Bub Tosh.
Bub Tosh

Paul Bailey Paul “Big Bait” Bailey: Swimbait specialist Bailey and Big Bait Posse member has pushed the limits of swimbait fishing and after many years of success with the Large Swim, he felt with a few tweaks he could create a whole new rod. “I extended the rod 3” to 8’. This gave me a little bit more room to soften the tip without losing any power. I enlarged the guides one size to allow easier passing of braid to leader knot. The rear handle has been extended to provide a bit more leverage for bigger baits.”