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Legits Finesse Swim

IRG742S 7'4" M Fast Legits Finesse Swim Designed by FLW Tour pro Aaron Britt for the small with 2-4" swimbaits. Perfect tip for casting the finesse size swimbaits but transitions quickly in to a good strong back bone for long distance hook sets and control when fighting them.

Bubs Air Punch
IRA7104PRG 7'10" H "Bubs Air Punch" The only way we could improve the popular Genesis Punch rod was to make it in the Air Series. Designed to Punch baits as light as 1/4oz and all the way up to 2oz. Constructed with 40 Ton graphite, WXW wrap and Revolving guide system will float in your hand and will greatly reduce wrist fatigue.

Fiber Series

IRF774C-MH "Andy's Junk rod Jr." After the success of his original Junk rod, Andy was looking for something to match up with slightly smaller presentations and lighter cover. The junk Jr. is great for light pitching, jigs, texas rigs, topwater and much more.

Air Series

IRA722S-M Based on the IRA6101S but in a longer version. This super sensitive rod is perfect for all finesse applications from dropshot, splitshotting to tiny scroungers and swimbaits

Genesis II - Bailey's Swim

Based on the popular Large Swim and custom designed by swim bait specialist Paul Bailey for the discerning swimbait angler Bailey's swim is just right with 8' length and faster tip for greater casting accuracy. Paul has also included larger guides to accommodate larger leader knots .

Crusher Casting Series